First Anniversary

Wow, I have just one word to describe my feeling now. Unbelievable. Its one year already!!! Where has it gone?  It all happened so fast 😀

Anyways, from the beginning of the month, I used to wonder what should I do during my first anniversary. Dev and I kept thinking we’ll go someplace nearby, like a drive around the city and its borders. We were still busy figuring it out and “D-day” was staring right at us. Saturday, May 15th – Our Anniversary and Friday, we are still clueless as to what to do. Well, we both are almost similar. We both are foodies, for beginners and most of the time confused when it came to selecting what to do. We both start thinking what each other would like and confuse each other. Hahaha… OK. Friday night is meant for dining out and movies. So, we planned a quick dinner with his friends and (seeing there was no other option) went for Robin Hood movie @ 9.30. Well, the movie was not as expected. But, as the movie ended and I saw my watch, it showed 12:05 and I realized it was May 15. I turned to Dev and I said “Happy Anniversary”. He smiled and kissed me a “Happy Anniversary”. Then came the Bear Hug, which took me back to my first hug. It was just when he had landed @ Mangalore airport, five days before the marriage. That hug was so warm and special and even now, after 1 year, I felt the same.

Anyways, we spent our anniversary driving around and doing window shopping. While driving around, we did not have any destination in mind, just drive to see where the road ends. Instead of taking Exit 1 to our house, we just went further ahead to see what lies beyond. We realized that it was Virginia and we also saw “Welcome to Virginia” sign. This kind of drive was very much fun and kind of adventurous. We drove around till we could figure our way home.  Once back, we got on with watching a movie while we ate Pizzas. But, the best part of it all was that Dev was with me for the whole day and we had fun. 🙂


The time is now.


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