Fun Time with Friends

I don’t know what I was feeling or why was it. But, I was so happy to meet my colleagues-cum-friends after a long time. I was so excited that I wanted to be with them asap. While my husband and his friend were busy driving the car, I was sitting behind, thinking of good old days at my work place. Sometimes I find it so contradicting. When I was working, there were days when I wished that I did not have to go to work. I had good time too. But now, first thing I remember is the good times we had. I, personally, take that as an indication that my time spent working was overall good. Same goes with a person. If the first thing I remember is, how bad they made me feel, then I really don’t care for that person.

Anyways, coming back. I spent 2 days with them and I could feel how much I missed them. We had real good times together and now, with my husband too, we all were still the same. I hope to be the same forever 🙂 I hope that at least now, I keep in touch with my friends. Life has taught me many lessons and one of them was to keep in touch. But, I had to pay a heavy price. Now, I won’t let that happen again. Anyways, I take this time to THANK my friends, who supported me, consoled me, laughed with me. 🙂


The time is now.


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