Weight Loss Journal – Part 3

It has been 3 years since my last post and I’m sorry for the delay (for a very very long delay). I get distracted easy and I don’t keep at stuff for long. After many years, I am again thinking about weight and diet and it has got me to write this blog. 

Before any further rantings, I’ll put a pic here, which shows how I’ve changed over the years. 

 The three stages… 2007->2011->2017 

Yep, the first one is fresh out of college and new to my job. The second pic is after my marriage, 2 years, and that was at my heaviest (98 kgs). The third pic was taken around May 2017 and that’s at my lowest of 78kgs. My body has gone through a lot of changes and it’s not easy to look at this pic. It reminds me of the good and the bad memories. When I say bad, I mean the stage where I was eating away my depression. 

In the last post, I stopped my story at the point where I decided I was going to do something about my weight. Let me continue on it a bit. Deciding was one easy thing, but weight loss won’t happen over night and it definitely needs a little bit of planning. Thankfully we had moved to a good community on Texas where the Gym was excellent and there was a Canal just behind our apartments where we could go for walks. The first thing I realized is that to lose weight, I need to control and watch what I eat. It’s not easy for me because I’m a Foodie. But it had to be done. I started by cutting down on junk foods like chips, cookies, fried food, soda, chocolate, ice cream. I reduced my sugar intake, but didn’t remove it completely. Same goes for fried foods, I reduced eating them, Reduced being the key word. Crash diets never work. It was something I had tried and failed miserably. But doing it step by step helps. Initially, I started to watch what I eat. Cereal for breakfast, fruits in between. Rice and any curry for lunch, I never stopped eating Rice. Being an Indian, it’s kind of a stable thing in my diet. But I stopped eating rice at night. In the evening, with my tea, I took some chips or muruku or rusk. That’s what, I didn’t stop anything completely. But I was able to give up carbonated drinks, having it very very rarely. After following it for a week or so(maybe more, I can’t tell you the exact time), I noticed my weight going down. It had reached 95kgs. It felt good and I was dancing. It was time to take it up a notch. That means adding exercise to my diet. 

I’ll continue this part tomorrow. Hope you guys will be patient enough to wait and this time I will be here tomorrow. 😊


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