New Updates

Long long time back, I had made a firm decision to write a blog post at least once a week. During that time, I have also written a blog about procrastinating. So….. after all the excuses and actual delays, I am here with some updates. First of all, I have moved back home – India. After staying 4 long years in USA, India is a good change. The closeness to my family, the familiar languages, the visits to temples, the traffic, the delicious food, the unbelievable price hikes, the year around festivities, the sound of vendors screaming on the streets – India is still the same, yet it is different. 🙂

I stay with my in-laws and that is a really new experience. It is common in India for sons to stay with their parents taking care of them, while the daughters are sent off to their in-law’s house, to take care of her husband and his parents. The idea of joint family is still being followed widely, but nuclear families are not new. People go where their jobs take them. In my husband’s case, it took him to USA and now it’s brought him back home. 🙂

I intend to come up with new posts as soon as possible. Until then…. Bye.


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