Products and Review – Part 2

This is the continuation of some products that I use and my views on them.

Revlon Lip Butter And L’Oreal Color Riche Balm
I have used both the products. They are tinted lip balms which give a color to the lips and yet maintain then soft and moisturized as a balm. I had Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. It was soft and shiny and did what it was marketed to do. But for some reason my lip balm/stick just broke in half, that too after a few weeks of use. I was applying it on my lips and it just melted in half. 😦 That was so disappointing that I went and chose L’Oreal Balm the next day.

I have been using L’Oreal Balm for few months and they are perfect. They moisturize my lips and add color. 🙂 I have one in Pink Satin and one in Plush Plum. One for just a nude lip effect and one for a glamorous red color. 🙂 I have not given up on Revlon, in fact, I am planning on buying one in the next few days. Revlon has great variety of colors but L’Oreal a selected few. Both these products are great but not long lasting. In my case, I have to reapply them every few hours like any other balm for moisturizing. 🙂

Maybelline Mastdrama Eye Liner
Maybelline has come up with an amazing eyeliner, the combination of cream and pencil. The Maybelline masterdrama by Eyestudio is an eyeliner cream pencil which gives you the ease of pencil and the smudge proof ink using cream. I love it, it is easy to draw and smudge proof, yet it creates all the drama needed by an eyeliner. It comes in 6 different shades and I own 3 of them – Bold Brown,Sapphire Strength and Vibrant Violet. I plan on buying the remaining three.

Physicians Formula 2 in 1 Eyeliner
This is an eyelash boosting serum and an eyeliner. It comes as a felt tip pen. This provides it with the ease to use. I love love love it. The felt tip makes it feel like drawing an eyeliner with a sketch-pen. 🙂 Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Eyeliner also claims to enhance the length and volume of the eyelashes. I did not find any difference in the lashes. It is a little pricey, but the felt tip makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

That ends the products and reviews part 2. Let me know if you have tried any of these and if you agree or disagree with me.


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