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Lately, I have been looking into lot of beauty blogs, make up videos. Every girl (almost every girl, but there are exceptions in every case) is interested in doing make up and wearing stylish clothes. But what makes them go for it? What is the underlying reason? I am not new to makeup. In fact, I love eye make up and am exploring on how to’s and what to’s for a long time. Same thing goes for fashion, always wanting to try new things and check out new stuff. So, what makes us all go nuts for make up and fashion?

I can speak for myself and that may apply to some of you out there. Firstly, fashion. It’s a simple reason – to look good. But the urge to fill my closet with new stuff never ends. Looking good is so important. When I look good, I feel good and that boosts my confidence. If you are on the heavier side, like me, a little confidence will go a long way. 🙂 Trying something new that’s out there and filling up my closet with every cute thing I see, is the urge I try to fight. Once in a while rewarding yourself is not bad but it should not get out of hand. Here is a list that goes through my head when I want to buy a new dress:
– how long it’s been since I bought a new outfit?
– is it within my budget?
– is that something I truly need? (sometimes everything looks like I truly need it in my closet)
I sometimes hold a piece of cloth and go through my list over and over and the urge goes from “have to buy” to “maybe”. Money saved and I learn to control myself.

Second thing is Make up. Oh, all the colorful eyeshadows to foundations to brushes and accessories. Ugh! Everything is a must have. Why? In my case, I have an acne prone skin with dark spots here and there. Some months are better than the others. But having something to cover it all up, makes me feel good. Everybody does not have ideal, perfect face. So, make up is a sure thing to “make-up” for all our flaws. I go through the same list as above and control myself from getting addicted.

In most cases, fashion or beauty or make up are somehow connected to emotional feelings in us. In a perfect world, everybody would be perfect. But for now, they are all we got. What are you conscious about?


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