Updates and some more

Every time I update my blog, the first statement I think of writing is how long it’s been since I posted one out here. Blogs are kinda getting replaced by tweets and status updates. But blogs do exist and for every reader out there, there are blogs they would like to keep track of. The idea of writing long paragraphs on a story, an article or just like that may have been reduced to writing in tweets and hash tags, but that does not stop people like me pouring our brains out on a web page like now. 🙂

So, a quick update. I am still watching a lot of movies and series and reality shows and so on. I think I look matured and feel matured, but then maturity is all in the heart too, right? I like being a little kid every now and then. I like squealing like a baby when I think of ice cream or jumping like a kid for getting a balloon. That’s when I realized, maturity is not being serious, it’s realizing when you have to be a grown up and when you can be a kid. 🙂

Among all the things I have been watching,I completed “Prison Break” series. I just love Wentworth Miller. The series keeps you engaged and wanting for more. But as always, the first season was the best. Next in the list, I recently watched James Bond movies, a lot. I started from the first by Sean Connery’s “Dr. No” . Then continued all the way till Pierce Brosnan’s “The World is not Enough”. Out of all the bonds, I loved Sean Connery’s rugged tall, dark and handsome looks. 🙂 But the latest bond, Daniel Craig was different and felt more like a spy. So, torn between the two.

Right now, catching up with “How I Met Your Mother”. I love the series, though the poor kids must be exhausted by Ted’s stories. 🙂 No matter, I am a big fan. 🙂 Can’t wait to see who the mother is.


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One Response to Updates and some more

  1. Debbie Romero says:

    I just found your blog. I get Pinterest notices and today I saw yours about cleaning hairbrushes. I’ve been reading your blogs. I like the personal touch of blogs. I don’t twitter (will I be arrested and throw in a dungeon?). I do do FB status updates but sometimes I get long winded. 🙂 We watch How I Met Your mother too. We’re having a free Cinemax and HBO weekend. I’ve set up a lot of movies to record. I watched James Bond movies when they would come out. Have I just aged myself? Sean is James Bond no doubt about that. I loved them all and they were all sexy.

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