TV and the City

There are a lot of series I watch and love. Actually, TV is one of the international, liked and approved time-pass. I am not new to it. Be it a movie or a series or even an animated “Tom and Jerry” types, I have my TV on and running. TV is a basic necessity nowadays, from morning news to prime time series, we all get involved in some way. I try to find new series every now and then and end up with so many options. There’s everything on there – movies, reality shows, singing and dancing idols, discovery, animal planet and of course, sports (trending recently towards Olympics).

Among all the options I prefer series. For one, they are stories and there are so many different topics to base a series on. On one such hunt, I found “Sex and the City”. Never thought of myself to fall for it, but when you spend as much time on TV as I do, you will find almost anything interesting. The thing I liked about it was Carrie Bradshaw’s narration and in turn her book writing. So, that inspired me to write in her style. I need to finish writing and publishing my blog today, because the fresh imprint of the latest episode is still on my mind and as I write I can feel her narrate it. If I stop to write this tomorrow, this will never be published.

Come to think of it, writing on what to write, how I am writing it and who my inspiration is, took most of the space. I did not think I had it in me to ramble on aimlessly, even on Internet. For all the people who are reading this, I do not have anything interesting to write, just a style and my head creating sentences of it own. I had to scribble somewhere. The idea of women concentrating on their career more than getting married and having a baby, is new back home. But here, it’s a norm of life. Everyone wants to settle, but on their own terms. Yes, every norm has an exception.

What do you do when you are out of the norm? I remember, when I went to college, we were like sheep and I just followed the herd, followed them to engineering and then to software engineer. That stopped when I got married and had to quit to move with my new family. After all these years, I am lost. I am out of the norm, out of the herd and I have no clue what’s next! That is something that keeps my mind occupied these days.

For anyone who is still reading, I am a redhead now. Yep, I have red locks of hair. Please don’t ask!


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