Facebook Addiction

Facebook has become an important part in our lives. It is like a lifeline, a habit and an addiction. I, personally, don’t have anything against FB, I favor it but I am taking a chance now, trying to let go of it.
There are people who have opened an FB account and forgotten its existence. There are people who use it moderately, when they are free. But, there are people who begin their day with FB and end with FB too. Well, I belong to the third category. I begin my day with my iPad in one hand, toothbrush in another and trying to scroll and read through FB messages, statuses, pokes, photos, birthdays and games. It had reached a stage wherein, when I took a photo, I would check if it was good to be a profile pic, when I tried cooking a new dish, I could not wait to post the pic on FB.
So to bring all of this into control, I am trying to let go off FB and reach a stage where checking it comes secondary to all other stuff I do for the day.
It is day 2 of me going FB free, I am leaving it cold turkey. But having nothing to do, my hand itches to check it. As a solution, I deleted the FB app from my iPad. 🙂 My aim is to control FB and not vice versa. So, wish me luck.


The time is now.


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