French Toast Sandwich

I had tried French Toast sometime back. It’s an easy alternative when you are tired of eating plain old bread and plain old omlette. Earlier I had posted a recipe for spinach-mushroom omlette. I am using the same stuffing to give a twist to French Toast.

French Toast Sandwich


4 eggs

8 bread slices

1 cup milk

Few drops of vanilla essence (optional)


Salt to taste


In a bowl, beat the eggs first. To this add in the milk, salt and the vanilla essence and mix them all together. In a pan, heat about a tsp of butter. Meanwhile, take a bread slice and dip it in the egg mix. Let the bread slice be coated neatly on both sides with the egg mixture. Take the bread out and place it on the hot pan. From then on, it’s just like toasting the bread slice on the pan. Repeat the same to all the slices, one after another, rubbing the pan with butter as needed.

If you need just a plain old French Toast, just stop after toasting all the bread slices and serve it hot πŸ™‚

If you are looking for a sandwich, just prepare the spinach-mushroom stuffing mentioned here. You can also use cheese slice, that’s optional to everyone’s taste πŸ™‚ Enjoy.


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