Crispy Chicken Fry

I have not tried cooking a lot of non-veg recipes. I come from a home where half the population contains vegetarians. I belong to the other half. But since my mom never ate or cooked non-veg dishes, I was used to eating it outside. Anyways, now I am taking baby steps in learning to cook, mainly, chicken and shrimp. 🙂

In this recipe, I use the term fry as in shallow fry. I watch food network every now and then. This recipe is adapted from Giada’s list. Giada added some herbs and cheese whereas I modified a it little to add an Indian twist to it. 🙂 I kept the cheese though since it adds a very nice flavor to the chicken.

Crispy Chicken Fry


Few Chicken tender pieces or chicken breast pieces
1 cup of Maida or all-purpose flour
2 eggs
2-3 cups of bread crumbs
2 tsps of red chilli powder
2 tsps of coriander powder
1-2 tsps of Parmesan cheese shredded or grated (optional)
Salt to taste


Wash the chicken thoroughly. I used 2 chicken breast pieces and cut each into 2 pieces. This will be enough for 2 people. Sprinkle some salt over the chicken and let it stand until we get the other items ready.

We’ll need 2 plates and a big bowl. In the first plate, spread the maida. In the bowl, beat the 2 eggs. In the second plate, spread the bread crumbs mix, which is a mix of the bread crumbs, chilli powder, coriander powder and Parmesan cheese.

Take a chicken piece. Roll it in the maida first, just enough to cover the piece all over with the flour. Then dip the piece in the egg mixture. Then roll it around in the bread crumb mixture. Set it aside. Repeat the same (roll in maida, then in egg and last in the bread crumbs) for the remaining chicken pieces. It gets a little messy, but you will be glad after eating the pieces. 🙂 Once done, cover it and refrigerate for half an hour to one hour.

In a pan, pour in the oil. Once it’s heated, add in the chicken pieces. Fry till the chicken is cooked perfectly and both sides are browned evenly. Serve it hot. 🙂


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