Due Date, Toy Story…. and then some

Ok… I am back to writing about movies. I spent a lot of time pondering over what to write first. The longer I waited, the more number of movies I watched and the list grew on me. But then, I had my obvious winner… Toy Story 3. Yes, the reason I am writing about it first is … Come on, my fav, animated movie 🙂

I have seen all the Toy Story sequels and the series keeps you amazed. The first of the Toy Story was about the old toys adjusting well with the new, hi-tech toy. The second one is all about the forgotten toys. I thought that was the end to the sequels, but then came Toy Story 3. With Andy all grown up, the toys have to deal with – either being thrown away in trash or being placed in the attic, “non-played” for ages. I wonder how people come with these ideas. This just shows how a person can imagine things. In animation industry, we have seen so many movies created – which I could never think of. I always wonder “how do they come up with this stuff?” Starting from talking toys to cars and animals fighting Kung-Fu… not to forget another good creation – UP. Anyways, Toy Story 3 brings a nice closure to the toys. I think maybe that’s the end of the sequels or … is it???? 😀

Next in line is the latest release – Due Date. I went into the theater with high expectations. But, it was not “Hilarious”. Due Date was a fun movie with some laughs in between, but, maybe coz I expected a lot, it just did not make it. Although, it’s a comedy movie which all will enjoy. 2 strangers going on a road trip all the way from Atlanta to LA, is something which you cannot miss, especially when one of them is dumb. It’s a good time pass movie.

Okay… Last but not the least – Back to Back – Back to the Future. I had seen the movies quiet some time back. But watching all the parts in a row is a first for me. The topic of time travel is really amusing. But the way, the movie was done is yet another amazement. Being shot sometime between 1985-1990, the trilogy has got a massive an following. I am one of the millions to bid hats off to the entire crew of the movie. The concept, the dialogues, the time machines- everything was done perfect for time. Such a movie being shot at the late 80’s is also an achievement. After watching the trilogy, all I could think of was – how I would use the machine. Ever ask yourself – What would you change if you had a chance to go back in time? Its tempting right? I remember one of the dialogues – “Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads” 🙂

Well……. these were the list of movies which I saw in a couple of weeks. There will be more coming, but that’s all for now.

But before I go… a song to remember:

I’ve been thingin’ ’bout
All the times you held me
I never heard you shout
The flow of energy was so fine
Now I think I’ll lay it on the line
And keep on tryin’
To get home to you

This is the song by POCO – Keep on Trying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVDDjcKPHhk

So… Keep On Trying…….

I’ve been thingin’ ’bout
All the times you held me
I never heard you shout
The flow of energy was so fine
Now I think I’ll lay it on the line
And keep on tryin’
To get home to you

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One Response to Due Date, Toy Story…. and then some

  1. Debbie Romero says:

    I love Toy Stories. I watch animated movies a lot. I just recorded Brave. I don’t care if they are for “KIDS”. I’m a kid at heart and always will be. Love the Back To The Future movies too. Yes you do think if I could have changed this or that in my earlier life, I would be happier. Then you think if I had changed that I wouldn’t have my kids or be with the man I’m with, or be in a good time of my life. You have to go thru bad to appreciate the good, I think.

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