Due Date, Toy Story…. and then some

Ok… I am back to writing about movies. I spent a lot of time pondering over what to write first. The longer I waited, the more number of movies I watched and the list grew on me. But then, I had my obvious winner… Toy Story 3. Yes, the reason I am writing about it first is … Come on, my fav, animated movie 🙂 Read more of this post


Mom’s Special – Masala Puri

Running out of topics to write in my blog, I never thought I would resort to writing a recipe (me, of all the people) on my blog. I have never cooked anything before my marriage ( I don’t think making Maggi would be considered as cooking :P). Anyways, I am a foodie – be it a sweet pudding or a spicy curry. I remember one of my friend asking me once “Tell me one food item which you hate” and I was literally blank for 5 min. Yet, I did not have any answer. Now, after being in US, I think I am capable of naming a few (hopefully :)).

I love Chaats – all types, Dahi puri, Sev Puri, Pani Puri, Samosa Chaat, the list goes on. My mom has made most of the Chaats at home. The easiest one, I think, is Masala Puri.

Masala Puri with a Twist

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The time is now.


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