Idle Mind

“Idle mind is Devil’s workshop”. Well, I must say that for the past year, my mind is in IDLE mode for most of the time. But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what all kinds of devils have based their workshop there. I can name some though – Laziness, Low confidence…. well maybe just 2 I can think of now.

I am just glad that I use up some part of my brain to put down my thoughts in this space. Hopefully, many years ahead in future, when I read my blogs, I laugh about this one too. 🙂

Just returned from a movie night – yep, it’s Friday and the movie was “Dinner for Shmucks”. It was a good feeling to laugh throughout the movie forgetting everything.

Well, frankly, it’s 12.30 am and I can’t think of anything to put down here. I hope my next posts get better than this. 🙂


Long Time….

Its been a long time since I posted something. Life’s been a roller coaster past few weeks. Moving to India or staying in US is the main thing rattling my brains now (esp. when the decision is not in your hands). Apart from that, the feeling of being excluded from a group is killing me. I believe in “not thinking too much” over stuffs. I always tell my friends too – “Don think too much, things will be fine.” I know, saying is easy, but when you have to face it, its a little tough than that. Right now, I am thinking too much, need to calm down and set my mind straight. If not, I am going to lose my temper, unnecessarily. Anyways, be it India or US, a new turn in my life is ahead. I am looking forward to it. So, wish me luck. 🙂


The time is now.


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