Animation Movies

Well, I am a big fan of animation. I have been seeing Tom and Jerry from my childhood and even now, I enjoy them. I prefer watching Cartoon Network over other channels. Other channels have all their “soap opera” and stuff, but somehow, animation seems like a good option. Many people think that it’s kiddish/weird to watch Cartoon Network at my age. But I just enjoy them, not all of them, but some toons like Tom and Jerry, are worth watching. But, by now, I have watched almost all the episodes of Tom and Jerry, new one’s might be left out. Same is the story with animated movies. I just love to watch them, be it 3D or not. It is just fun, it’s like a dream.

I have watched most of the animated movies, you name it and I have seen it. If there’s anything I have left out, I would love to watch it now. Like, last week I saw “Mulan” and “Pocahontas”, which I intended to watch long time ago but was caught up in life’s surprises. Now, I want to watch the last of the series of Shrek and Toy Story. I have seen sequels of many. Like, did you know that KungFu Panda had a 45 min sequel containing the secrets of the Furious Five? Yes, it’s there and I have seen it. Similarly, there is Lion King 1 1/2. Yes, I have seen them all. All these animated movies are the marvels which man created using his imagination and the modern technology.

Anyways, long story short, I love animation and if there’s anything worth watching (which I might have missed out), I would love to watch it. Now, I have got the time and opportunity to do so. πŸ˜€


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