Julie and Julia

It is a movie title and the title for my blog. Today I just happened to watch the movie – Julie and Julia. I liked it. Basically, I love to watch movies and end up liking most of them. Anyways, the title says that I will be writing on the movie.

In the movie, Julie cooks through Julia Childe’s cookbook and writes a blog. That’s the part I liked the most – Blog. The flow with which she writes. Its just amazing. Even the topic – Cooking. I am a housewife now, but I am not busy or occupied with anything. I would love to have something to look forward to when I get up in the morning. Julie and Julia, both were lost and wanted to achieve something. They both “Found” themselves. I am still feeling lost. Just want to do something exciting. I am like Julie in one matter – I do not complete anything. I started knitting, maybe 3 months back. I was happy on my new found interest. But I could not continue it for more than 3 weeks. Now, it’s lying by the side of some table, in some corner. My interests are short lived. I get many ideas like say, write a book or learn painting or learn to play guitar or learn technical stuff to keep up with my career or ……….. The list goes on, but I have never been able to push myself to start any of these. I am terrible when it comes to these decisions.

Why does finding a way have to be so difficult? Does any one know? Well, now I have drained my thoughts onto this blog. But what next? This question surrounds me everyday? But I know, life has many things in store for me and am eagerly waiting for it.

All in all, Julie and Julia, the movie has inspired me to do something. So far, I am inspired to write this blog at the least. I hope this continues.


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