Everything happens for good

I wanted to write this as soon as I came back from my vacation, but got busy (rather, lazy). Now, when I think of it….. Awesome, is the only word coming to my mind.

Our vacation (so called “Honeymoon”), began a day late than it was planned. Dec 18th recorded as the worst snowstorm hit to the east coast of USA. I was all set and packed, waiting for my love, to come with his friend, who would drop us off at the airport. The wait seemed never-ending. But, when I checked out my window, I saw snowfall. It was not a heavy one, but I was so excited to see the snow. I just grabbed out my camera and started taking some pics. There was nearly 2 hours for my husband to be back home and at least 1 and half hour more to our flight (that’s totally 3 and half hours for our vacation). Every half an hour i used to see the amount of snowfall, take out my camera and click. The thought of missing all the snowfall made me sad. Towards, the end of 2 hours, when my husband was on his way back from office, I was worried if we could make it to the airport.

When we finished stacking up our luggage in his friends car, we noticed that our flight was cancelled. My husband,Dev, was angry, sad, confused, what not. This happened too late. The only way for us to be sure or to do anything about this cancellation was to go to the airport and check with the personnel there about other arrangements.

But the roads were covered with snow and it was a slow, tough drive. Dev’s friend was tactically managing the drive on the slippery road, while Dev was busy checking the flight schedule on his iPhone. Thanks to mobile and internet, things are a lot easier. The snowfall started to be heavy. I was sad that I was gonna miss the snow, but when this snow was affecting my vacation, I started to curse it. The traffic was slow, all thanks to the snow. We had not even reached halfway, we realized it was a dangerous task of driving with all the snowfall. So, we traced back to Dev’s office. His friend had decided to pack up for the day from office. We also picked one other friend of Dev, seeing the conditions not suitable to drive. At the office while we waited for Dev’s friends to return, Dev had booked us on the next available flight (next morning 6.30 am). I got off the car and thought of enjoying the snow, with my camera.

On the way back, we were all enjoying the view of the white day out. The traffic started getting heavier. The only time pass me was to just see the snow outside. Dev got busy with clicking some snaps (his time pass). The usual 20 min drive to our house from Dev’s office took us nearly 2 hours. When we were just entered the road leading to our house, there was a road block. Many people could not drive through the snow (Snowfall was getting heavy and the roads were very slippery) and had left their cars stranded on the road. Some of their engines did not turn up. Dev got outside to check the situation. There he noticed our neighbor struggling with his car. We were seated in the car and were wondering, how long it would be like this. Then Dev signalled us the way to make it pass through the cars to our house. He stayed back helping our neighbor to push his car and get it to a safe side of the road.

Once back at home, I realised that it was the wish from my childhood to see snow and to play in snow. I was thinking “God, I wanted to play with snow, but not now. Our vacation is about to be ruined. How can i enjoy this snow?”. While I was wondering that, Dev came back and had some bad news with him. He got a mail saying that our 6.30 flight next day was also cancelled. Curses!!! Dev started to call the agent at the airport about our flight. After a long wait and hold, we reached a personnel. Since, it was Christmas, most of the flights were booked. Then we finally got a flight booked (2-stop to Vegas), it was from TriCities – Cincinnati-Salt Lake City – Las Vegas, at 12.30 noon. We did not worry about the 2 stops, we just wanted to make it to Vegas, since our reservations were at stake. We called the hotel we had booked, “Treasure Island”, to let them know, we would be coming 1 day later than planned due to the snowstorm. Then, once all the plans were in place, we both decided to enjoy the snow. Apparently, Dev had also not seen this amount of snow at Kingsport during his earlier 2 years of stay.

We called out his friends, clicked snaps, made a snowman (which is very tough, the freezing snow makes it worse). I had emptied all the groceries in the house since we would be out for a week. All thanks to his friend, who cooked us a delicious dinner. We were both happy that we were going to Vegas finally, but we both were doubting the weather to make it. By next morning the snowfall had stopped, salt was sprinkled on the roads making them drivable. We were on our way to the airport when we saw the stranded cars on the Interstate. On reaching the airport, we saw the huge crowd waiting in queue. We also tagged along. We got our turn and a bad news came again. They could print the boarding passes for us from TriCities to Cincinnati. But there was some problem in printing the other 2 boarding passes. The personnel assured us to leave for Cincinnati by which time they would make some calls and arrange for our boarding passes. We then realised we had only half hour gap between each flights. So, we had to run for it, we decided. But our luck did not seem to favor us. Our 12.30 flight was delayed, when we finally took off it was 2.00 pm. We were thinking if we should go since there was no way we could make our connecting flights. But we decided to try our best. We decided to reach Cincinnati and decide what to do next. When we reached Cincinnati, we were both hoping against hope that the connecting flight was still there (That would have been a miracle). But, we were disappointed and with a disturbed, sad, tensed faces, we got in line to enquire for the next available flights. Then, there was a miracle. The personnel had already booked us on the next available flight to Las Vegas and it was a direct flight from Cincinnati at 8.00 pm. We were surprised, but then we realised that the snowstorm must have caused such kind of obstructions everywhere and the agents were doing all they could to help people get home to enjoy Christmas. We had to just wait for around 6 hours at the airport. We had show tickets at 9.30 pm that day, which we could not make. Dev called our hotel (sponsors of the show) about our flight problems. They were considerate enough to book us for the show the next day.Our luck was back.

We were roaming the next few hours in the airport, sleeping, dozing, just waiting till 8 pm which never seemed to come. After landing at Vegas, we were both so excited. We did not think we could make it, but we did it. 2 days of Vegas was lost due to the snowstorm. But we were happy to be there. We were also happy to witness the heavy snowfall of the season.

So, “Everything happens for good” came true. 🙂


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  1. vanig says:

    yep so true.. everything tht happens does happen for good.. 🙂 do write something new.. waiting for it

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