Everything happens for good

I wanted to write this as soon as I came back from my vacation, but got busy (rather, lazy). Now, when I think of it….. Awesome, is the only word coming to my mind.

Our vacation (so called “Honeymoon”), began a day late than it was planned. Dec 18th recorded as the worst snowstorm hit to the east coast of USA. I was all set and packed, waiting for my love, to come with his friend, who would drop us off at the airport. The wait seemed never-ending. But, when I checked out my window, I saw snowfall. It was not a heavy one, but I was so excited to see the snow. I just grabbed out my camera and started taking some pics. There was nearly 2 hours for my husband to be back home and at least 1 and half hour more to our flight (that’s totally 3 and half hours for our vacation). Every half an hour i used to see the amount of snowfall, take out my camera and click. The thought of missing all the snowfall made me sad. Towards, the end of 2 hours, when my husband was on his way back from office, I was worried if we could make it to the airport. Read more of this post


The time is now.


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