Need some direction

Ya… You may ask if I am lost. Well, in a way, yes. Today, I just got the flashback of the 2 yrs of my life, which I spent rather independently. I worked for 2 yrs and that is the experience I can never forget. The time I had with my friends were the best. Ya, we don’t realize the time we have now, until we lose it. My work was, initially, very tough,Ā  but I caught up to it and I am proud of myself for that. There was a time where I was unable to make any decision in my line of work, then there came a time when I did almost everything and also risked a lot of things. That’s the improvement I had gone through and I felt so good of my achievement. All in all, it was a good learning experience for me.

Now, I am having ample of free time and still am not able to decide what I want or where to go next. Getting married has just been the milestone I have completed, one best moment in my life where I got the perfect life partner. But whats next? What is my future? What will I do? That is where I need some direction. I just want to do something. What is that something, I still need to find out. I sometimes wish there was an instruction manual for life šŸ™‚ But life itself is so unpredictable.

In life, we get many opportunities. But deciding the right one is difficult. That is where I need some direction.


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4 Responses to Need some direction

  1. Akshatha says:

    Hey…Do not think too much..:)..I know there are some days where you feel like you don t know what you are doing…What you wanna do etc…Just be the best at what you doing now..Full time housewife..Enjoy it…I feel you are in the right direction….

  2. vanig says:

    I dont know if its a right direction or wrong but i have the same question what you are having right now. It was as if u read my mind and i don’t have the answers for it either but if u do find any answers i would love to hear them so that i could find the answers too.

  3. krishnachandran says:

    Work as a consultant for me from there. Right now 2 projects under me and I’m happy to outsource that you.That way you won’t loose your touch on technology and the work u was doing.
    No fees to be paid . Just take this as my New Year Gift for you.

    Wish u and ur hubby a Happy and Prosperous Happy New Year.

  4. Ajith says:

    If you have quite a comfortable free time you can do a certification in nanotechnology if you have a desire to learn nanotechnology quite to master level.They send you all course material.They do not offer this with strict “only exam” point of view but they have 2 exams in this as per i know.Mostly as per i remember(i had enquired last year jan 2009) it is a 3 months(not sure 3 or 6) month certification.No prerequisite knowledge of nanotechnology required.The basic overview course is 5k inr and complete covering advanced is 15k inr. or more details can call Tel: 0120-4330376 Mob: (0)9818206463 Also take a look at the site for any details about masters in computer science or embedded system mail me back on kamat.ajith@gmail and one more unit which can give you more info on such masters degree while on the job are educational consulatnts in bangalore one of which is edwise edu consultants

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