What’s in a NAME?!?

We have heard this quote a lot of time “What’s in a name?” But do we actually believe it. No. There has to be a parameter called Name for everything. This not only fits for a person, but also to a relationship, pets, Heck, even we have to “name” our blogs. πŸ™‚ Why relationships, u may ask? But just see it for yourself. Imagine a office where lots of people work. What is the relationship between them? We have named it too – Colleagues. Even if u don’t know a person, u have a name for him/her too – Stranger. Basically, our lives surround with names. Why? Some believe it as a bond, some as a identifier. But whatever it is, “name” is just so important. Even here when i am writing down my thoughts in this blog, i have to name it. Just thinking of a name for my first blog, made me write this. I hope such spontaneous ideas come always. πŸ™‚


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4 Responses to What’s in a NAME?!?

  1. Veena says:

    Hey that’s so true name is really important. Even to write this comment the “Name” field was required.”Name = identity” name is the most important part of who you are and as u said name is just not related to a person but also to a relationships. Tells you were u stand. And i know and I am sure that all your other blogs will be as good as this. :).. All the best. And i am really happy to be the 1st to comment on this :).

  2. krishnachandran says:

    Hey nice to see u started blogging and that too in WordPress the same which i use, rather first thing out of Google which I’m using online.
    Wish you could write more to update us about your life.

  3. jayashree says:


    Very nice writings..please write more..Never knew you write so well..expecting more..
    I read others too..

    Have a nice time..

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