Weight Loss Journal – Part 2

Part 1 of this post was just the tip of the ice berg. I was happy and blissfully married. I had quit my job, moved to Tennesee, USA and was travelling around. The first couple of years was spent in exploring different cities and with that exploring new cuisines. I am a foodie and I loved having Thai, Chinese, Italian, American, Mediterranean…. etc. Weight was the last thing on my mind. 2 yrs down the line I had reached the height of my weight gain.

Getting married itself is a big change in life, add to it the change in location, lifestyle plus no job. These changes seemed good initially, but as the feeling began to sink in, I started getting into a weird mode. Being in America, away from home, not seeing any familiar faces, I started to get into depression. That led me to eat more. I am an emotional eater. When I’m happy, obviously, it’s a reason to eat. But for me, when I’m tensed I eat. When I’m sad, I eat. I had reached a stage where – If I had nothing to do, I used to eat. All this added on and on and at the end of 2 yrs, I had gone from 80 kgs to 98 kgs. I had gone from being overweight to being obese. I never thought I could reach that stage. I had accepted myself as a hefty but healthy girl. But at 98kgs, I couldn’t say that anymore. After 2 yrs, we toook a break and came back home, India. My family was shocked yet happy to see me. I had to return in 2 months, so during that time, I took my yearly blood test. I have somehow blocked majority of the results, but I remember the doctor saying “fatty liver”. That’s when I realised I was hefty, but no longer healthy.

I came back to America, into a new city, Dallas,TX. Again, being alone was a given. But this time, instead of spending my time eating, I decided to do something about my weight. We were looking for an apartment and for me having a beautiful kitchen plus a gym was mandatory. Once we settled in, I got back to my same old routine. I had just decided to do something. But I was not taking any action. I used to go shopping (who doesn’t like shopping for new clothes). I remember I used to cry and hate myself for not being able to fit in any cute clothes. My husband supported me all through this. Then he made me realise that something needs to be done, not just thinking, but putting my words into action. That was the kind of kick I needed to get started on losing weight.

You need to have the will power to do it and a good support system to help you when you get weak. For me, that was my husband, pushing me forward, telliing me it was possible. I had finally started going to the gym. But it was not easy, thinking is easy, doing it is just another huge task. That story will be here tomorrow. Keep reading.

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Weight Loss Journal – Part 1

This is the post I’ve been meaning to write in a long time. I dread it cause it brings lots of memories back. But I need to put it here so that, down the line, when I need inspiration to lose weight again, I can reach out to my blog. This post will be a story about how I started my weight loss routine and how I am doing now. It will be lengthy so I think dividing it into parts is best. That’s why I named this post as a journal…. It is ongoing and it will vary….. but it will be updated.

I have been a hefty kid since my high school, but I remember my mom saying that I was thin growing up with long swan like neck. Well, in high school all I could see was developing a double chin. But I was happy with my weight, basically, least bothered. As you grow up, people tend to make you feel that you are not “the ideal, perfect girl”. Well, in my mind I was. I was not fat but plump. If I asked my friends, they said I looked fine because I had the height to carry the weight. I am 5’9″ tall. So, when I became a little overweight, all I could see was a healthy looking girl. I did not want to become size zero, I despised it.

When I was joining my first job in the IT industry right out of college, we had to get a medical certificate with our height, weight, birthmarks, blood group, allergies…. etc. The doctor there said my ideal weight should be around 76 kgs, but I was already 80kgs by then at the age of 22. I was least bothered. Then, I went on to various stages of weight gain and weight loss but I did not think about it much. The thought came when my mom started to search for marriage proposals. It was very painful procedure to have a guy and his family judge you by your looks and say to your face that you are fat or that “I fear you may become more fat”. By the time I was about to turn 25, I had found a perfect guy for me (rather, my mom got the proposal and passed it on to me and I gave approval). All in all, I was happily in love and he was least bothered about my weight and that made me all the more crazy about him. I did not measure my weight but by the time of the wedding I was still around 80 kgs.

The journey of weight gain started later on, after I quit my job and moved to USA immediately after marriage. That story will continue tomorrow.

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New Updates

Long long time back, I had made a firm decision to write a blog post at least once a week. During that time, I have also written a blog about procrastinating. So….. after all the excuses and actual delays, I am here with some updates. First of all, I have moved back home – India. After staying 4 long years in USA, India is a good change. The closeness to my family, the familiar languages, the visits to temples, the traffic, the delicious food, the unbelievable price hikes, the year around festivities, the sound of vendors screaming on the streets – India is still the same, yet it is different. 🙂

I stay with my in-laws and that is a really new experience. It is common in India for sons to stay with their parents taking care of them, while the daughters are sent off to their in-law’s house, to take care of her husband and his parents. The idea of joint family is still being followed widely, but nuclear families are not new. People go where their jobs take them. In my husband’s case, it took him to USA and now it’s brought him back home. 🙂

I intend to come up with new posts as soon as possible. Until then…. Bye.

Black Pepper Chicken

It’s been a while since I tried any new recipes. This recipe was not planned. I wanted to do the crispy chicken fry today and then, in the morning, I realized that I did not have enough oil for doing a shallow fry (Leaving for India in another few weeks, so no more stacking the pantry). So, I thought I could whip up something on my own. I have been loving the black pepper chicken I get from Bawarchi’s Indian Restaurant here in Irving. That is one Indian place that I enjoy when I miss home food. That led me to invent my own version of pepper chicken, spicy and all. I just went with my instincts (never knew I had one in cooking), added a little of this and a little of that and voila, black pepper chicken. That is one of the reasons the measurements mentioned below are just approximations.


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How to: Clean Hair brushes

I have been meaning to post this post for a while. Today I finally got a chance to take some pics and write about it. This is the first of the How To series. If you like it, please let me know so I can do more.

Everyone has this problem, once you have a hair brush it gets dirty and cleaning it is a mess in itself. Here are a few steps I followed which made it easy for me. In this post, I am using my oval cushion brush from Revlon. I love this brush, it adds shine to my hair and when it became dirty, I felt sad not knowing how to clean it. I could get almost all of the hair out, but the dirt on the bristles was another issue. Read more of this post

What’s in my shopping bag?

What is it about shopping that drives us all crazy? Spending money is not much fun, walking around for hours (dragging our feet, even though they are tired) is no fun, looking at thousands of brand and causing our brain to overheat due to confusion is no fun. Yet, us girls have always been so crazy about shopping. The idea of getting a new item, trying new stuff brings so much energy that all the cons of shopping doesn’t seem so bad after all.By now, you might have guessed that this post is all about my recent shopping trip. I just came back from Target after shopping for nearly an hour and half. This shopping haul is all about make-up and my trip to SFO next week. Woohoo! You can catch a glimpse of my shopping basket here.
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Oh yeah! I am throwing seemingly big words out there. Why? Because lately I have been procrastinating. What is procrastinate? It means to delay doing something that needs to be done because you don’t want to do it. 🙂 Yep, we all have been there and it’s a part of our daily life. Read more of this post


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